“There are several expensive Zirben raumlüfters on the market, but we wanted to make something unique, with a great quality and for a fair price. 

After drawing lot of different concepts and trying al lot of different electrical parts there was finally the perfect model that looked modern yet authentic at the same time, fitted with high quality electrical parts. 

Now that the PuriLamp is on the market for a while, it is very satisfying to get positive reactions from the customers. Most customers buy a PuriLamp for its looks, but after recieving it they also really appreciate the gently smell with the healthy benefits that arises from Concentrated Zirben shavings.”

Your Allpine PuriLamp consists exclusively of the Swiss pine and is made by hand. Due to its simple but authentic design, the PuriLamp creates a modern and cozy atmosphere.

The process of making a PuriLamp is done very carefully, so that every customer can count on the product being of high quality and comes with a lifetime warranty. On the electrical parts with a two-year warranty.

In addition to the smell, which spreads a pleasant aroma in the room, the LED light creates a warm atmosphere. The light can be controlled via the supplied remote control.

The “Purifying Lamp” contains a 16-color LED lighting and an inaudible fan of a very high quality. As a result, the air will flow through the Swiss pine curls with the result of a very pleasant smell that will spread the healthy benefits and will definitely improve your mood. Especially recommended during sleep or when you are relaxing, at any time!