Ensuring a deeper┬ánight’s rest

Swiss Pine wood has been valued and used for centuries as the “Queen of the Alps”. Several scientific studies have now confirmed the characteristics of Swiss Pine wood for the first time.

These scientific studies confirm that Swiss Pine reduces the number of heartbeats per night by 3500 strokes, reduces blood pressure, improving general well-being and even social interaction. In general, sleep will be improved and you will wake up more relaxed. That is why numerous hotels in Austria and Switzerland have decorated and furnished their interior with pine wood.

Pinosylvin is found in high concentration in the wood, in the resin and in the needles of the stone pine. This is unique and can not be found in any other tree species. The high amount of Pinosylvin gives the wood this typical aromatic scent.

Pine wood has a positive effect on sleep, cardiovascular system and resistance, lifts the mood, soothes the mind, has an antibacterial effect and is effective against allergies!

This complete study can be downloaded below.

Dr. Wolfang Hofmeister ├╝ber Zirbelkiefer